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Case Studies

Conversion project

Customer: Large Insurance Company - Japan

Goal: Conversion of old Kanji structure to IBM structure

Incentive: Business requirements to enhance the applications' capability to present all Kanji symbols 

Migration project

Customer: Large Insurance Company - Japan

Goal: Application migration from ADABAS to DB2

Incentive: Reduce cost 


Customer: Central Bank - Bank of Israel

Goal: Re-hosting of entire mainframe to UNIX

Reduce cost and manpower

Task: Migrate ADABAS, Natural, COBOL, Scheduler, Security and utilities. 

Retain all existing functionality

End Result: Fully working system on new platform

Field Expansion

Customer: Department of Motor Vehicles - Israel Ministry of Transport

Goal: Modify all existing applications to support field expansion of 5 key application fields including expansion of car registration field from 7 to 8 positions.   

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