OnTarget Technology


MOST's OnTarget technology serves as the framework for all MOST solutions. It provides a complete toolset that serves legacy software assessment, data migration, code conversion and other related modernization tasks.

MOST's OnTarget technology supports a wide range of automated services which ensure that your legacy modernization project is carried out in the most comprehensive, rapid and consistent manner - and at minimal risk.


MOST Technologies has successfully conducted many projects using the OnTarget toolset. Over the years it has evolved and been enhanced to become the main building block of MOST's projects. Thus it enables MOST to speed up the projects' schedule and in turn improve the customer's time to market at a minimum risk.

What We Do

OnTarget is a toolset that allows us to acquire an in depth understanding of the customer's applications. It provides our technical experts with tools to automate, manage and support the project deliverables, maintaining quality and ensuring timely delivery. 

 The following are key features of OnTarget:


A central knowledge base that models all application entities and their interconnections.  The repository is updated throughout the project life cycle and supports the different project phases from planning and design to application changes and testing.


A parser exists for each language type and transforms the source code into one common language construct. This construct is input to the various code generators required by the target environment.  New languages can be added to OnTarget with ease. 

Application analysis

A recursive process whereby OnTarget is able to analyze the existing application, map all existing connections between the different entities and identifies the impact of a change on the application components. The result of the analysis is used to drive and manage the required application changes.


OnTarget generates many different components required to support the modernization project.  It generates the new source code for the target environment such as C#, Java and other languages. It also generates the scripts required to build new tables, data migration programs, test stubs where relevant and other components. 


OnTarget, being an in-house tool, is customizable to meet the specific needs of a customer's project. This customization allows for a high degree of automation in the modernization process.


OnTarget includes multiple reports to support each stage of the project. These reports assist in overall project management and decision making and support the ongoing communication between MOST and the customer. 


The following diagram illustrates the main functionalities of OnTarget: 


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