Application Replatforming


Replatforming has become a viable option for many CIOs who need to cut the cost of IBM mainframe.

Replatforming of applications from the legacy environment to a new platform provides a low-cost and low-risk alternative to re-writing the application or to package implementation.


MOST has the tools, skills, and experience in both mainframe and open system technology to provide innovative and automated replatforming services from IBM mainframe to Linux/Unix/Windows (LUW).

What We Offer

MOST's replatforming activities include the migration of: 

Asset 1123.png

Application software

Asset 1ww.png


Asset 1123.png

Operating environment

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3rd-party products

Examples of technical activities related to replatforming:

  • Identification of  all software components including 3rd party products required for the LUW environment

  • Adaptation of existing application code to the target LUW environment

  • Modification of interfaces between the target LUW and external applications

  • Conversion of data entities to ASCII

  • Adaptation of security, printing and operational components such as job scheduler and internal utilities

  • Conversion of the archive, backup and historical data to the target LUW environment



The following is an example of mainframe applications with COBOL/Natural/ADABAS which were replatformed to Linux environment using Micro Focus Enterprise (implemented at one of MOST's customers)

Application rehostint v4.png