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VSAM to RDBMS with Micro Focus

Making enhancements and maintaining applications which are using VSAM files become more complex and time consuming. It is also hard to find experienced developers to perform these tasks.

In addition, there is valuable information that is "trapped" in the VSAM files and can't be used by other applications and business activities.

What we need to do is to migrate the data in these files and make it accessible with the use of standard SQL language, while enabling the legacy applications to continue functioning as before.

As part of our existing solution for re-platforming mainframe applications to Micro Focus Enterprise Server, MOST offers a full migration of VSAM files to RDBMS while integrating it with the legacy applications with no code changes. 


MOST has an in-depth experience in re-platforming legacy applications from mainframe to Micro Focus Enterprise Server and migrating VSAM to RDBMS. Using our automated tools developed in-house by highly skilled professionals, we execute low risk and high-quality projects.

What We Offer

As part of the project to re-platform the mainframe legacy applications MOST can automatically migrate the VSAM files to RDBMS of choice.  MOST maps the legacy VSAM record layouts to the newly migrated RDBMS and uses Micro Focus standard mechanism to enable the applications to continue working with the data without changes to the COBOL programs.

The end result will be:


Data is migrated to RDBMS


RDBMS can be accessed from outside the applications

1 VSAM is Obsolete.PNG

VSAM files are obsolete


No change to the COBOL programs

Applications are integrated with RDBMS.PNG

Applications are  integrated with RDBMS

RDBMS Integration with Micro focus 2.PNG

RDBMS is integrated with Micro Focus Enterprise Server

The typical project will include:

1c Re-platform your.png
2c Build Model.png
3d Generate DDL.png
4c Data migration.png
5c use mapping model to access RDBMS.png
6c Testing.png
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