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Innovative solutions for mainframe customers

MOST Technologies is a global provider of innovative solutions for customers seeking to modernize their legacy applications. Modernization activities such as code refactoring, replatforming, and data migration are cost-effective solutions that transform legacy applications to a broad range of technologies on the cloud or on premise. 

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Our Mission

To add value to customers by modernizing their applications using automated tools that will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). 


MOST has extensive experience in the modernization of legacy applications. Our track record and customers' satisfaction are testimonials to our success. MOST's solutions are able to address a wide range of challenges.  

MOST's staff has the knowledge and expertise to address the complex migration between IBM mainframe, open system and cloud technologies.      

We have been delivering innovative solutions to customers around the world, together with leading System Integrators, since 1999.

mOST Technology


MOST automated tools have been developed to improve time to market and successfully used in all of MOST's projects around the world. For more information on our toolset see OnTarget Technology



MOST's methodology covers all phases of the modernization project to ensure significant risk reduction and timely delivery. For more information see MOST Methodology. 


Our Staff

MOST professional services team is skilled in IBM mainframe, AS400, open systems, and middleware technologies. We specialize in databases such as DB2, Oracle, IMS, ADABAS, and VSAM, as well as programming languages such as COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, Natural, RPG, C#, Java, Python, and Angular. 



MOST has successfully performed a variety of modernization projects including code refactoring, repaltforming and data migration. For more information see our Case Studies

Most technologies Global Presence

Global Presence

MOST has been delivering solutions to customers around the globe for more than 20 years. Our global reach and delivery mechanism ensure that MOST will address ongoing customer needs and project requirements.

MOST in Numbers

Our Partners

HP_Rehosting project


MOST performance and ability to handle a wide variety of project complexities were major factors in ensuring the success of the project

Senior Exec

Bank of Israel
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