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Insurance company in Japan

Application migration from ADABAS to DB2 


The company is one of the biggest insurance companies in Japan and is ranked 12 in Fortune 500.  About 25% of the Japanese families are insured by this company. 

Following the migration to IBM mainframe the company decided to migrate its COBOL / Natural / ADABAS applications to COBOL / DB2.  The goal of the project was to reduce operational cost and to move to standard infrastructure and software products.


Customer requirements were:

  • Elimination of all SAG products

  • 100% preservation of business logic and screens

  • Transparency for end users and ongoing system operations

  • Preservation of performance in both on-line and batch

  • Minimum changes to the COBOL programs (if at all)

  • Ensuring business continuation throughout the project

Project Scope

  • 450  Natural Entities

  • 25,000 COBOL programs (Bach and CICS)

  • 2000 Assembler routines

  • 20,000 Jobs

  • 40,000 Sequential files  40,000

  • 860 DB2 tables  860

  • 370 ADABAS files

  • 2700 Interfaces to external systems 

  • 50,000 Number of users 

Project Methodology and Timeline

The migration was conducted in 3 phases:

Phase 1 - preparation of the new technological infrastructure, tools customization & migration of one small subsystem.

Phase 2 – conversion of a subset of applications.

Phase 3 – conversion of the remainder of the applications.

The company allocated a dedicated communication line between its mainframe and MOST's off-site center in Tel Aviv.

Customer satisfaction

A testimonial to the success of the project is the ongoing relationship and additional projects, which MOST has conducted (and still is) since this project has been completed. The following summarizes the company's satisfaction:

"A project that came in as planned without any production glitches, MOST exceeded our expectations without fails"…

CIO Insurance Company, Japan

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