Is your mainframe application testing manual and costly?  

Does your testing require complex coordination to get the job done?  

Is your Time to Market suffering? 

Are development and maintenance costs running high?

Do you have test evidence to show the auditors?

Introducing MF-Test

A complete mainframe application testing solution providing a reliable platform for batch and online testing similar to those offered by UNIX and Windows-based testing platforms. 

MF-Test is the product for automated regression testing. With comprehensive recording of all test artifacts, MF-Test enables you to accurately determine if your application's functionality is ready for production upgrade. 

MF-Test main features: 

Automated test creation from existing JCL

Multiple testers can test concurrently

Support integration of Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) systems 

End-to-end automated regression testing solution – batch & online

Comprehensive recording of all test artifacts – screens, DB tables, VSAM & sequential files, reports

Support test data management 

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