MOST Technologies Ltd. is a global provider of innovative solutions to our mainframe customers. These solutions mitigate risk and reduce the total cost of ownership of mainframe legacy applications.

Modernization Planning

“A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door” (Confucius).

Planning is a critical component of a successful modernization journey. Companies that have legacy systems need to carefully evaluate how to move from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

Goals of a modernization project include:

  • Financial goals– to reduce the costs of maintaining non-standard technologies
  • Technical goals – to simplify the process of integrating legacy applications with new applications
    • Legal compliance – to comply with industry regulations, auditing requirements  and best practices
    • Human Resources issues –  to reduce dependence on a constantly decreasing skill set while providing a logical path of knowledge transfer and application control

The key ingredients required to select the best plan and finish the project on time and within budget include:

  • Experience – Engage a company that has previously assisted other organizations to modernize and can reliably evaluate the available choices and recommend the best route for each specific situation based on past experience.
  • Unbiased opinion – Engage a company that can think out-of-the-box without limitations related to specific hardware, software or database platform.
  • Diversity of modernization tools – Engage a company that already has the right tools to accomplish the required tasks.

MOST Technologies is a leader in the legacy modernization market and offers a wide range of services during the planning phase of a project:

  • Inventory inspection & cleanup – Analyzing the customer’s current IT environment in order to determine the best modernization path
  • Modernization roadmap – Designing the most efficient and cost-effective modernization plan based on the customer's goals and current situation
  • ROI study – Producing a report that evaluates the return on investment of the recommended modernization roadmap

MOST Technologies is a trustworthy legacy modernization advisor that can determine and implement the best modernization plan.



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