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The Importance of Automated Mainframe Testing

Mainframe applications are at the heart of the IT environments of major corporate and government organizations. They are critical assets that need constant monitoring and regular updating. Today, most applications require enhancements, code fixes and maintenance on a regular basis. This makes the automation of regression testing a necessity.

Traditionally, mainframe applications require a lot of time for manual testing. This includes preparation time for test designs and scenarios, actual software testing, and re-testing to ensure accurate results. In addition, manual testing is risky, prone to human error, labor-consuming and very expensive.

A study by the National Institute of Standards (NIST) reports that software bugs cost the US economy $60 billion a year and that one third could be saved by improved testing.

Automated regression testing of mainframe applications saves time and money. So, why waste your time?

There’s no need to waste resources and fail to reduce system risks when comprehensive automated mainframe testing is now available.

Mainframe testing using MOST's MF-Test

 MOST Technologies Offers Effective Mainframe Testing Solutions

Automation is the answer. MOST Technologies gives you MF-Test, a state-of-the-art solution for regression testing of mainframe applications together with their databases, screens, reports and auxiliary files.

MF-Test provides full automation and complete monitoring. It intelligently compares data, screens and reports (including the “Before” and “After” versions of applications) with on-line and off-line access to comparison data, on-line via screens and off-line via reports. This enables you to quickly locate differences between the “Before” and “After” versions of the tested application.

MF-Test allows multiple users to run tests in multiple environments at the same time.

MF-Test has a Windows GUI for defining, generating, submitting and tracking mainframe tests. MF-Test installation is non-invasive and only requires standard mainframe components such as JCL, REXX executables and z/OS functions.

Benefits of MF-Test include:

  • Automated high-throughput regression testing that’s fast and error-free
  • Lower costs
  • Reduced risks
  • Improved test efficiency
  • Smart tools to analyze results
  • All regression testing functions included in a single easy-to-use package

MF-Test facilitates upgrades to system hardware and software.

MF-Test is a scalable, easy-to-use solution that reduces testing time and improves resource management.  

Today’s IT environments need SPEED and EFFICIENCY

MOST Technologies has a highly-skilled team of mainframe experts. Our professional skills include mainframe IBM environments, DB2, Software AG products, Open Systems, JEE and Oracle technologies. With the capabilities of MF-Test and the support of our team, your IT environment will be upgraded to handle regression testing with utmost speed and efficiency.

Learn more about MF-Test! Fill in a few details and we’ll send you a copy of MF-Test Concepts and Features. A great way to understand the product and what it can do for you and your organization.



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