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Perform/View – Application Performance Optimization Suite


Most Mainframe shops try to keep their applications up-to-date in a changing environment without incurring the cost of increased computing power (MIPS). However, the code for applications developed decades ago has usually become heavy and slow. Optimizing these applications is a very complicated mission. It often involves a trial-and-error process and requires performance specialists.

Perform/View Capabilities

Perform/View helps you identify performance roadblocks by mapping application logic and pinpointing bottlenecks. Perform/View monitors selected applications such as batch jobs, CICS transactions, or Natural jobs and transactions. It analyzes them, constructs a program flow and call tree, and records the elapsed time and CPU time spent in each portion of the code. 

Perform/View is an essential tool for developers who need to maintain software produced by others. It helps them understand the code and improve its run time.

Perform/View data collection, monitoring and analysis are performed externally without any modification of the application code or installation environment. It can be used safely in Test and Production environments.

Perform/View is an intuitive, easy-to-use product that can be used by anyone in the organization: project managers, operations managers, system administrators, database administrators, and programmers.

Perform/View Features

Perform/View provides detailed information about:

  • Names of programs, subprograms, sections and paragraphs that were executed and the order in which they were invoked
  • Number of times each program and code segment ran
  • Unused code
  • Flowchart of the entire application
  • Execution time, elapsed time and CPU usage of each program and subprogram
  • CICS commands that were executed and their execution times
  • Calls to database services, VSAM files and other external systems, and their execution times 


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