MOST Technologies Ltd. is a global provider of innovative solutions to our mainframe customers. These solutions mitigate risk and reduce the total cost of ownership of mainframe legacy applications.


Over the years, MOST has led many successful projects in both the mainframe and open systems world. As a result, MOST developed a wide range of skills and technologies in areas where there previously were no readily available industry-standard products.

Some of these technologies have become very robust and mature. MOST has productized these technologies and now offers them as stand-alone products to its customers and other potential users.

In addition, MOST has identified some products from other vendors that have contributed to the successful completion of migration and modernization assignments and has added these products to its portfolio.

MOST's products are targeted at mainframe-only companies and companies with both mainframe and open systems.

Three such products are:

  • MF-Test – A regression testing solution for mainframe applications
  • Perform/View – A solution that identifies performance bottlenecks of mainframe applications
  • ADASTRIP – A powerful, fast and efficient utility that extracts data from ADABAS databases and backups.

These products are designed to produce cost savings. Customers who already use them report major savings and better service levels.



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