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MF-Test is MOST Technologies’ automated solution for regression testing and comparing mainframe application versions.

Local Partners

Market Experts, Spain

Market Experts is an independent value-added distributor that provides innovative IT solutions. Today, corporations place a major emphasis on having the best IT solutions. However, they also want to see their IT expenses brought under control and maximize the return on their IT investment. Market Experts has teamed up with MOST to provide heavyweight global industry experience that offers you the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Telebig, France

TELEBIG, created in 1983, is a software company that has high level competencies in Legacy Life Cycle Management including legacy migration, re-engineering, modernization, renovation, and SOA integration.
Webinaire du 27 Octobre 2011 - Les tests de non-r�gression de vos applications mainframe.
To view the French/ English Webinar of MF-Test, please click this link:

VBT, Turkey

Our vision is to keep abreast of technological innovations and implement them in our customer portfolios. We have an outstanding service mentality and engineers and software developers who produce products and services that successfully compete in the world IT market. VBT’s mission is to increase the competitive power of our customers by using the most current Information Technology and to create the highest customer satisfaction through long-term relationships based on trust.

Bateleur Software, South Africa

Bateleur Software is a leader in the South African high-end software technology arena. The company represents a number of world-class internationally developed software products, all of which are supported locally by a team of technically proficient and skilled personnel.

Pro Axis

proAxis, LLC’s primary mission is to launch software and technology services companies in the Ibero-America marketplace (Latin America, Central America, Mexico, The Caribbean, Spain & Portugal) and facilitate sales, business development and partnerships for technology in Ibero-America through our network of qualified and successful distributors in the region.


INFOSYST Mexican is a company founded in 1992, known for its expertise and quality in providing Information Technology services with over 20 years working with our clients in various sectors. The company has over 250 engineers specializing in different tools, languages, operating systems and platforms. Their allocation has resulted in our customers, achieving a competitive edge which has been reflected in the timely fulfillment of the objectives. INFOSYST, supports the leading financial groups in the implementation of SWIFT.


Perrotti Partners was founded in 1977 and is one of the pioneering groups in the implementation of IT infrastructure in Brazil and Latin America. The group has several operations related to the IT market, and uses its experience and infrastructure for the development of new businesses and creating new businesses.



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