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MOST Technologies Ltd. is a global provider of innovative solutions to our mainframe customers. These solutions mitigate risk and reduce the total cost of ownership of mainframe legacy applications.


  • MOST's OnTarget technology provides the framework for MOST solutions. The OnTarget tool set facilitates legacy software discovery, assessment, integration and modernization.

    From the outset, the MOST approach to modernization has been based on applying software tools and techniques to support the modernization task. Over the years MOST's in-house R&D team have continued to develop and improve the automated tools they have built to support the modernization projects that MOST has undertaken.

    These tools, collectively referred to as OnTarget, have encapsulated the experience gained from past projects and are at the disposal of MOST's analysts and software engineers when executing current assignments.

    Each project has assigned to it one or more members of the MOST R&D team who support the deployment of MOST tools and enhance or customize these tools in accordance with the project's requirements.

    OnTarget technology:

    • Reduces project costs by enabling project tasks to be performed by automated processes instead of manual processes.
    • Enables projects to be completed on time and on budget by deploying OnTarget tools during project planning phases in order to make an early and accurate determination of the project’s scope and complexity.
    • Produces high quality deliverables with minimal impact on end users by using MOST's automated testing solutions during the implementation phase.
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